PCOW’s high quality workmanship is evident in our Polymer Flooring. Our roots were established in commercial painting which eventually led into the concrete coating industry. Frustrated with shot blasting as the primary method to prepare concrete for coatings, we purchased our first grinder. During the same time period, the concrete polishing industry was emerging and gaining momentum. After grinding out several epoxy floors and simply polishing the concrete, it was obvious the polymer coating industry was going to have to adjust to the polished concrete industry. Today it is common to see polished concrete take the place of epoxy, VCT and carpet in buildings.

Polished Concrete of Wyoming installs several different types of coatings. We understand the need for polymer flooring in kitchens, kennels and the environments where resinous flooring is necessary. Pcow is extremely meticulous when it comes to our polymer flooring and surface preparation. We are often asked to restore, repair or remove coatings. These endeavors have been invaluable to our education and experience.