FrontSeat in Action

"We love the FrontSeat!"

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The FrontSeat™ has been in use and tested for over 10 years:

  • By experienced bicyclists
  • By novice adult bike riders
  • By children of different ages and sizes
  • On various types of terrains
  • On an assortment of bicycles
  • In combination with pull-behind and rear-mounted carriers

Both adults and children enthusiastically report how easy, safe, convenient, and enjoyable it is to ride the FrontSeat™. No other bicycle child carrier offers off road capabilities like the FrontSeat™. If you want a workout, try taking an 8 year-old mountain biking on the FrontSeat™!

Additional Product Information:

  • Comprehensive guidelines have been written for starting a child and an adult on the FrontSeat™ titled “Rules of the Road”
  • Accessories customize the FrontSeat™
    • Handlebars for the child
    • Adjustable handlebars for the parent
    • Extended handle grips/Custom brake handles
    • Custom foot rests and seats
    • Spoke Guards and Fenders/Advertising
    • Vibrant colors
    • (Many of these components are already being manufactured)
  • FrontSeats™ can also be installed on rental bikes and OEM bicycles

A demand exists for a front mounted carrier with the capabilities of the FrontSeat™. Children and adults turn their heads when they see the FrontSeat™ in use. Parents are in search of quick, fun activities where they can have interaction with their children. The occasional biking adult has become a proven customer for the FrontSeat™. Once an adult and child have tried a ride, they buy a FrontSeat™. When they buy one, they buy two, one for each parent. We are continuously asked when the FrontSeat™ will become available.

FrontSeat™, Raising the Next Generation of Mountain Bikers!

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