Polished Concrete

Concrete Polishing is a modern process which allows structural concrete slabs to be transformed into extremely durable and decorative flooring systems with little impact on the environment. Large electric grinders are used to remove the surface of the concrete to expose a variety of sand and stone appearances that can be colored and highly polished for aesthetic purposes. Polished Concrete floors are ideal for commercial or industrial applications.

  • ARK Creative Arts Center Art Gallery, Laramie, WY
  • Big Horn Power Sports in Buffalo, WY
  •  Highland Community Church, Casper, WY
  • Platte Valley Community Center, Saratoga, WY 2001

Polished Concrete evolved from the granite and marble industry in the late 1990’s. It is a LEED Certified process requiring no dangerous chemicals and generates no harmful waste. Shipments of flooring or the use of adhesives is not necessary. The polishing process produces an exceptionally smooth and non-porous surface making it extremely easy to clean. Polished Concrete is considered a safe, non-slip surface by the National Floor Safety Institute and requires little maintenance when compared to VCT or polymer flooring.